“Panther Women: An Army for the Liberation” by India Nicole Burton

After a two year hiatus, Prop Thtr will return to live theatre alongside Perceptions Theatre with this co-production of India Nicole Burton’s “Panther Women: An Army for the Liberation”.

Through the lens of an African American woman on a journey to understand herself more, “Panther Women” uses the stories of three prominent women, who were a part of the Black Panther Party and Liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s, as a catalyst to explore the dilemmas, obstacles, and joy of African American woman in general. The play is a high energy, movement piece with poetry, monologues, dance, and song.

The production will be helmed by Perceptions Artistic Director Myesha-Tiara. It will be Lead Produced by Prop Artistic Director Olivia Lilley. “Panther Women” is scheduled to go into rehearsals September 2022 and open in October 2022 running through December. It will run on the Southside of Chicago.

We are currently raising money to pay for venue, designers, and artists! If any of the above sounds exciting, you can donate here!

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